Frequently Asked Questions

Your profit will be proportional to the success of the tour, which will depend on your decisions as a Manager. You can earn up to 40% of the amount of $TVC you invested in the Tour.

When organizing a Tour you must pay the expenses in $TVC in advance. However, there are Free Tour alternatives for Managers who start with empty pockets. The free Stages offer low profits but will allow you to get the necessary $TVC to afford the first Tours.

Yes. Our metaverse features a variety of Stages that will fit any NFT Musician. You will be able to design a Tour that allows an initially low quality NFT to give you a profit of up to 40% your investment. Of course, the investment of that Tour will be smaller than that of high quality NFTs and so will be the profit. However, as your NFT Musician raises level and boosts Skills he/she will be able to acces more demanding and expensibe Stages that will give higher profits.

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