What does a Manager do?

As Manager you will be responsible for the career of the NFT Musicians you manage. The performance on stage is the artist's duty, but it is your responsibility to provide the necessary conditions for the show to be a success: choose the auditoriums, arrange, arrange the logistics of the tour, choose the advertising strategy and much more.

Furthermore, you will decide the artistic path your artists will follow as they grow and progress in their careers: will he/she be a singer, a guitar player, a drummer...? Will he/she be a virtuous or charismatic performer? Will he/she be specialized in Rock, Trap or Heavy Metal...? You have full control over their career... it's up to you to guide them to stardom or doom!

As a Manager you will receive part of the earnings in $TVC for every paid activity performed by your musicians. Lead them well and they may make you rich!

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