Energy Demand

How much effort is required to perform in this Stage?

This parameter represents the wear involved in a show in this Stage. Our NFT Musicians count on their Energy to cope with the effort that the Stage demands. It is important to point out that the Energy Demand does not restrict any artist to perform in the Stage. The higher the available Energy, the more ability the musician will have to cope with the effort of playing here (for example: an NFT with 4 energies available can perform in a Stage with an Energy Demand of 6, but it will be harder for him/her than for another NFT with 7 energies)

NFT Musicianas that were born with low Energy will generaly get more tired than others. As a Manager you will have to take care of them carefully to keep their Health Condition high. The artist will be able to balance this lack of Energy by boosting his/her Skills

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